Ways to Play


If you are completely new to tennis, please do NOT be discouraged.  We have LOTS of organizations in the Richmond area that provide instruction for “non-members” and the general public.  Equipment is inexpensive and public courts are abundant in Richmond.

How to Start Playing Tennis”Please read this article to learn more about joining us in  the FUN world of tennis!


Tennis should always be FUN! Because JTT offers so many different levels of team tennis, you can select a Division that will challenge your child, while allowing them to succeed. JTT offers Beginner through Advanced levels which play using Red Ball, Orange Ball and finally the Green Dot ball.

By matching a child’s age with the right size court, match format and ball; JTT makes tennis fun for kids as young as 5! In 8U JTT, kids are given the opportunity to focus on their rallying and movement because of the age appropriate match format. (The 8U serve is a self feeding forehand.) Kids from the age of 5, learn to love the game of tennis! As the kids get more tennis experience, JTT offer doubles competition and lastly a Green Dot league for Advanced “tournament” players.

Richmond offers many leagues for young players including: 8U Red Ball, 10U Beginner Orange Ball, 10U Intermediate Orange Ball , and 10U Advanced Green Dot Ball.

 For more information contact Lila LaCroix at    u8andu10jtt@gmail.com

 REGISTER YOUR INTEREST FOR 8U and/or 10U JTT:    JTT Interest Form


Want to learn fun ways to play  tennis with a child under 10?  Are you looking for more information regarding 10 and Under Tennis?  Whether you are a tennis professional, parent, physical education teacher or coach, there is a training workshop that is right for you.  Please register your interest here:  REGISTER INTEREST- 10U Tennis Workshop


A USTA Team Challenge is an introductory program designed to give children of all ages a chance to develop their tennis skills through level-based play, without an emphasis on instruction or results, within a relaxed low-pressure team environment. A team challenge is 1-1.5 hours in length and can be created as either a single event or a series of up to 6 events, with the aim to provide play in a fun and social environment that highlights character and skill development.

Players can find and register for USTA Team Challenges at playtennis.usta.com/programming


Tennis Festivals are free events that provide an exciting and entertaining opportunity for kids to experience what tennis can offer. They offer a variety of kids tennis activities, interactive games and contests that appeal to a wide range of ages and skill levels. In addition to introducing tennis to the kids and teaching them about the game, Tennis Festivals offer parents the opportunity to learn how to get their kids involved in a local program.


A Kid’s Tennis Club is a program anyone can start that allows kids to sample tennis through supervised play and interactive activities. These “clubs” offer kids the opportunity to have fun, gain confidence and meet new friends, all while enhancing their social and physical development. You can also earn equipment for your area school by starting a KTC. To start a Kid’s Tennis Club or for more information, please contact Lila LaCroix.


USTA Junior Tournaments are a great way for kids to enjoy the thrill of competition.

With a range of levels from novice to national competition, tournament participation encourages player development and advancement.  For information on the different tournament skill levels and which level is appropriate for your child, click here:

Tournaments are offered year round for junior competition. To view a list of upcoming tournaments in our area, use the search function from TennisLink on the USTA website here.

PLAYTRACKER (what tournament level is your child?)  

VIDEOS-  How to FIND and ENTER a USTA Youth Tournament


The Richmond Junior Tennis Circuit (RJTC) is a series of one-day Saturday tournaments held from the first Saturday in May through the middle of August.  Each Saturday in the Richmond Area, a different club hosts the tournament.   This tournament series is an USTA event  (beginner/intermediate) tournament event and are for non-ranked juniors. See the 2022 RICHMOND JUNIOR CIRCUIT Entry Formfor more information.

USTA Junior Circuit Round Robins:

A USTA Junior Circuit event utilizes a non-elimination round-robin draw format for players of all ages to gain match play experience in a tournament setting. This experience will encourage players of all ages to develop their skills through level-based play and demonstrate good sportsmanship. It is designed to be delivered as a single event, up to a half-day, with the objective of providing a competitive environment guaranteeing individual match play. A USTA Junior Circuit can be played with orange, green, or yellow tennis balls.


Beginning in the 12U age group, youth players  can earn points by participating and winning matches in tournaments and JTT. Points determine ranking and advancement opportunities & seeding at tournaments.  Opportunities to enter national level tournaments and participate in the Zone/Intersectional Team events are awarded by points   The top level tournaments are limited by ranking points.   Points start at the 12 and Under level (not in the 10s).

Is there a list of top kids who play in tournaments organized by age division for USTA?   Youth Players ranking list