Richmond Area Tournaments

Visit TennisLink page for a listing of local junior tournaments and get out there and PLAY!

Richmond Junior Tennis Circuit (RJTC)

This Tournament circuit is designed to make competitive play more accessible for our juniors. These tournaments are for non-ranked juniors playing bantam or intermediate tennis or looking to start playing Futures tournaments. This series provides opportunities for area juniors to gain tournament experience and improve their game. These one-day events are held at various clubs in the Richmond Area. Matches are eight-game pro sets with no add scoring. Players with the highest accumulated point totals at the end of the summer series are invited to participate in the RTA Master’s Invitational Tournament held in August at CCV.
2022 Information and Registration
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USTA Tournaments

USTA Junior Tournaments are a great way for kids to enjoy the thrill of competition.

With a range of levels from novice to national competition, tournament participation encourages player development and advancement.  For information on the different tournament skill levels and which level is appropriate for your child, click here:   Junior Tournaments Level Explanation (L8, L7, L6 etc.).

Tournaments are offered year-round for junior competition. To view a list of upcoming tournaments in our area, use the search function from TennisLink on the USTA website USTA Tournaments.

The Richmond Junior Tennis Circuit (RJTC) is a series of one-day Saturday tournaments held from the first Saturday in May through the middle of August.  Each Saturday in the Richmond Area, a different club hosts the tournament.   This tournament series is a USTA sanctioned L8 (beginner/intermediate) tournament event and is for non-ranked juniors. See RJTC Registration for more information.


Beginning in the 12U age group, youth players can earn points by participating and winning matches in tournaments and JTT. Click here to download a Word document with specifics.  Points determine ranking and advancement opportunities & seeding at tournaments.  Opportunities to enter national-level tournaments and participate in the Zone/Intersectional Team events are awarded by points   The top-level tournaments are limited by ranking points. Players also start building a National Ranking within the MidAtlantic Section  (L4+ events) and Section Championships in January & June award points toward national rank.  Being ranked at the top of the Section allows you to enter top National events – players looking forward to college have more choices if they are at the top of the list.  Points start at the 12 and Under level (not in the 10s).

Is there a list of top kids who play in tournaments organized by age division for our MidAtlantic Section of USTA?   Youth Players ranking list