JTT – Junior Team Tennis- (ages 5-11)

JUNIOR TEAM TENNIS – 8U & 10U, ages 5-11


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Tennis should always be FUN! Because JTT offers so many different levels of team tennis, you can select a Division that will challenge your child, while allowing them to succeed. JTT offers Beginner through Advanced levels which play using Red Ball, Orange Ball and finally the Green Dot ball.

By matching a child’s age with the right size court, match format and ball; JTT makes tennis fun for kids as young as 5! In 8U JTT, kids are given the opportunity to focus on their rallying and movement because of the age appropriate match format. (The 8U serve is a self feeding forehand.) Kids from the age of 5, learn to love the game of tennis! As the kids get more tennis experience, JTT offer doubles competition and lastly a Green Dot league for advanced players.

Richmond offers many leagues for young players including: 8U Red Ball, 10U Beginner Orange Ball, 10U Intermediate Orange Ball, and 10U Green Dot Ball.

REQUEST for Individual JTT Player Placement   Do you need placement on an 8U and/or 10U JTT Team ?

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All junior membership is free now, not just 10&under.  Here is the link for your free junior membership.    

For questions, contact Lila LaCroix at    u8andu10jtt@gmail.com


JTT Red Ball, Orange Beginner, Orange Intermediate and Green Dot will be offered Spring 2023.  Ages 5-10+


MARCH 21st- ORANGE & GREEEN DOT TEAMS MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 4 PLAYERS (any combination of boys/girls)

APRIL 14th–  Orange & Green Dot Team Schedules issued
APRIL 20th-  Last day for Red Ball Players to Register Individually for Supervised Match Play. 

APRIL 22nd– Red Ball & Orange/Green Dot will begin match play
Red Ball Players may register INDIVIDUALLY to play in weekly supervised match play.This is a CHANGE to our typical format.  Since some clubs don’t have enough kids to form full teams, I changed the format to individual competition.   (We will have our normal prizes & Lollipops & Court Monitors)                                                                                
Red Ball Players may register HERE
Orange & Green Dot TEAMS may begin registering today by emailing the league coordinator Lila LaCroix at U8andU10JTT@gmail.com  

Individual Orange & Green Dot Players may request placement on a team HERE 

QUESTIONS?  email U8andU10JTT@gmail.com or text (804) 334-6160


What is the Deal with the Ball Colors and WHY?  Learn about the “PlayTracker”….                                                                                                
The Net Generation PlayTracker will help parents and players ages 5-10 navigate their development progress, replacing the old stars and trophies system. It makes it easier for players to track themselves through the Youth Tennis Pathways. Now, players collect play and win points after playing in USTA Team Challenges, USTA Junior Team Tennis, and USTA Junior Circuit events. To learn more about the Net Generation PlayTracker, click here.                                                                                   
All junior membership is free now, not just 10&under.  Here is the link for your free junior membership.                                                                                    

USTA’s American Development Model

USTA Parent Support Guide (PDF)   page 12 onwards is helpful

USTA Tournament & JTT Youth Progression Rating Information

PLAYTRACKER (what level is your child?)  

JTT Youth Progression FAQ

TEAM USA – 8U and 10U Pathway EDC